laminating service denver
A Great American Print Shop offers laminating services that help protect your important documents, photographs, restaurant menus, identification documents, and more. Documents and

printed material that are regularly handled are great candidates for lamination. Lamination sheets

are available in a variety of colors, sizes and prices.

Lamination materials come in various thicknesses and finishes. The most common being 3 mil, 5 mil, and 10 mil.

Typical uses for the various thicknesses would include:

3 mil: Reference sheets, old letters, or small items like a bus pass

5 mil: This is semi-rigid and great for menus, instruction sheets, and schedules

10 mil: This is rigid and often used for report covers or awards.

Small orders of letter, legal and ledger sizes (up to 12” X 18”) can often be done while you wait.

Call us for pricing for large orders or other sizes.

Think about printing your project on cover stock rather than standard paper. This will give you more ‘stiffness’ while reducing the cost of laminating. For instance, print your menus on cover stock and use 3 mil laminate instead of 5 mil. Paper is cheaper than plastic!